Compare Medicare Advantage Plans

With Medigap, federal laws mandate uniform coverage for plans of the same name. The beauty of this system is that your selection of a preferred plan is reduced to the task of learning how to compare Medicare advantage plans.

Imagine a situation where all healthcare insurance companies had a free hand in developing their own medical coverage plans; it would have been a painstaking effort to objectively select the best plan out of very many possible options. Instead, Medicare advantage plans can easily be compared in the status quo simply by looking at the premium pricing schemes currently in place.

There are two things you need to remember to be able to objectively compare Medicare advantage plans: the typical pricing strategies used by companies when calculating premiums; secondly, the means through which you can run an objective comparison.

For the first count, the methods used by companies to calculate premiums are mostly known methods. These include the attained age-rated premiums, the community-rated premiums, and the age-rated premiums.

To easily differentiate: regardless of the age of buyers, community-rated premiums are priced the same way. In contrast, age-rated premiums vary depending on the age of the beneficiary with older customers getting charged more for their healthcare plans. Attained age rated premiums vary on a yearly basis as the age of the customer increases.

Some plans like those at   might benefit you more than others: it depends on your situation, though sometimes it is can be really hard to differentiate them. Older customers are favored more by community-rated premiums while age-rated premiums are more beneficial to individuals who purchase Medigap at age 65.In the same vein, the value of age attained rated plans vary according to the type of plan.

To be able to compare Medicare advantage plans, there are a variety of strategies you can use that would help you put things into perspective. Consider these inputs and tips:

The best way to learn about the true Medigap prices is to find out from companies and request for a quote. At the beginning, you can reduce your choices so you do not get 15 quotes from 15 different suppliers. Rather, a good rule of thumb would be 5 to 7 for price quotes you can use as a basis for making a decision.

You can also do a research online. There are websites that can do a rough comparison of many companies within your area. Though these are not very accurate, it gives you a rough estimate for the premium pricing.

You can also talk to healthcare agents of government to help you narrow down your choices. The agents are given the mandate to help you find the best options at the least price possible. You can take advantage of this resource to select the one that’s right for you.

It is beneficial to compare Medicare advantage plans before you choose a particular policy to buy. Bear in mind that the most important goal that you can hope to achieve with this exercise is to balance coverage with price.

Dehydration in Seniors: Important Things to Consider

A huge range of medical problems may lead to dehydration. Taking into account the fact that the human body is made up of 50 percent to 65 percent water, this component is essential to virtually every single physical function in our body. Every system in our body relies on water, hence a shortage of this vital fluid can naturally result in serious consequences to our health.


Dehydration is, in fact, one of the leading reasons of hospitalization in seniors who are 65 or above. Worse, according to some studies, around one-half of the people hospitalized due to dehydration died inside 12 months of admission.


Senior citizens are at the highest risk for suffering a dehydration since the system which normally activates thirst loses its sensitivity with age. Furthermore, as you age, the amount of water in the body reduces leading to dehydration more frequently. The fluid lost due to fever or diarrhea typically affects your regular eating patterns. As humans, we can lose water in several ways.


Some of the body’s initial symptoms when it comes to dehydration include:




Dry nasal regions

Reduced urine (i.e., more yellow and concentrated).


Dry mouth and lips



Light-headedness when standing


medicare advantage plans 2019

Easy to Follow Remedies to Prevent Dehydration:


As with any medicine, prevention can be a crucial step when treating dehydration.


Fluid replacement can be a good treatment as well. These include water, soups, juice, Popsicles, puddings, milk, Kool-Aid, ice-cream, etc.


Reduce or completely stay away from dehydrating beverages like tea, coffee, or soft drinks. Know that even decaffeinated soft-drinks might result in dehydration. Stay away from alcohol intake as well as they can further increase the possibility of dehydration.

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In case you tend to drink unhealthy beverages, you must add plenty of water to your regular total since the dehydration due to those drinks need to be compensated with increased water intake.


Eat plenty of veggies and fruits that contain lots of water.


Drink water throughout the day in small proportions. It’s not wise to drink 64-ounces of water at one go.


Most seniors must start restricting fluids 1-3 hours prior to bedtime.


Seniors with diarrhea & vomiting must modify their eating habits and take medicines which can control the symptoms and the loss of water. Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen are good alternatives to control fever.


If the person becomes lethargic or confused with is uncontrolled fever, diarrhea or vomiting; or if you see any specific symptoms, medical assistance should be taken immediately.


Working as a retiree

Retirement does not necessarily mean that you have to completely stop working. Recently, there has been a trend in the U.S in which a lot of seniors who already retired, choose to continue working, because they really love what they do or they want to have an extra income. If you are thinking about working as a retiree, in this article you will find some advice about it so you can decide if it is actually for you.

       Try phased retirement

In case you don’t want to stop working immediately, but you do want to be work-free in the future, phased retirement may be an option for you.

Being a person who has worked in a company for years, means that you have a lot of experience and knowledge. A lot of employers often do not want to lose employees with these characteristics, because it usually means replacing you with someone not as experienced as you.

Some companies prefer to offer “phased retirement” and even though it is not an option everywhere, more employers are adding this option for their senior workers. Phased retirement means that you will gradually leave your work by having to work less. This may be through fewer work hours, less work days per week, longer vacations and/or fewer responsibilities. You can also become the mentor of a new employer while working, so they are ready to take your place once you leave.

Talk to your boss and ask him if there is a way in which you could do this. This way, you will still contribute to your future Social Security benefits, you will keep saving money for retirement and you will have less workload at the same time.

Consider the pros and cons

After you retire, you may be able to find another full-time or part-time job, but consider pros and cons before you make your decision.

Of course, you will have an extra income and you will not depend entirely on Social Security or pensions. You also keep yourself active, as you will still have a routine, you will socialize at work, meet new people and feel like you have a purpose.

However, take into consideration that working also comes with some expenses and you will have to pay for income taxes. Make a budget after taxes and consider expenses like transportation, clothing and meals. This way you will see if it is worth getting that new job.

Be extremely careful if you are considering working as a retiree before your full retirement age. Remember you will have to completely pay for your health care costs and finding a new job with a good health insurance or program can be difficult.

Also, many pension plans calculate what you will receive in the future based on your salary while you were working, so if you decide to trade the position you have nowadays with a part-time job that pays you less, you will affect the amount of money you will receive for your pension.

If money is not your main concern, try volunteering!

      Giving back to society is often a reason why a lot of seniors keep working as retirees. You can work in your community or volunteer for a social project that helps people that need it.

This way, you may not receive a lot of money or any money at all, but you will feel satisfied with what you are doing, you will meet a lot of new people and you will have a good reason to get out of your house.


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4 reasons why you should renew Medigap

Having a health insurance has become one of the main needs of all people around the world. It is very important for those who know that this is what will save their lives when they are faced with an emergency situation which requires activating their insurance to cover all expenses that arise.

However, it is not a secret to anyone that when you get to deal with the insurance advisor he will explain that the policy will not last a lifetime but has a validity which varies depending on the plan, but usually lasts a year. That is why you should always be aware of the months in which your insurance is going to expire.

Even so, there is a great option that the experts recommend with regard to the Medicare Supplements Plans so you can continue having them. We are talking about the renovation. Yes, as you read it. When you buy which Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 you have the option to renew it when it is about to expire and today you will know 4 reasons why you should do it.

  1. Greater Coverage

When you renew your Medicare Supplements Plans you will extend the coverage of your initial plan for much longer, so you will have the opportunity to be much more protected for longer so that when you are caught by an emergency you are not so disoriented. In addition to that, they may give you an extension larger than the year with which you started.

  1. New Benefits

When you go to the offices to renew your policy of any Medicare Supplement Plan, the advisor will welcome you with open arms. During this appointment, you will see that with this renewal you will not only get the initial benefits of when you acquired Medigap for the first time, but you will also have new ones which will be much better.

Among these benefits, you can find co-insurance payments and new monthly premium amounts that will be much more affordable than any other previous amount. All this you can only know when you go to renew your Medicare Supplement Plan.

  1. 3. Data Update

Just at the time you renew and sign the new contract, you must update your data and this is one of the biggest advantages you can find. Because of the fact that in a year many things can change in your life. From some writing error in the initial policy to something new that you want to adhere to your information, you have the opportunity to do it when you go to renew.

  1. Extension of everything you had

The biggest advantage that people see in the renewal of Medicare Supplements Plans is that they can continue to have the initial benefits with those who fell in love with this entire health program. Most retirees always choose to renew because of this because they feel totally safe.

Now that you know the reasons why you should renew your Medicare Supplement Plan, What are you waiting to go to your insurance advisor?


Types of Exercises for Seniors

The prospect of regular exercise can be the difference between living an independent life and being in a need of someone else to take care for you. This is especially important in the case of the elderly people. However the concept of staying active is broad and nonspecific. That is why, a more detailed instructive approach is needed.
According to various fitness experts, there are a specific exercising areas that can be beneficial for the health of the seniors.

The aging process is characterized with significant Muscle loss. A strength exercise  program can be a unique way to combat the ongoing process of muscle loss. The muscle loss generates weakness. It can also lower the aerobic exercise capacity and bone structural density. Strenght training is not only a shield from these threats, but can also have an optimizing impact on the spirit of the seniors.

Flexibility and Stretching
Many seniors tend to overlook the benefits of these basic exercising elements.  Dr. Mark Caruso recommends these exercises should be done two to three times per week. The Stretching exercises help in maintaining a broad range of motions and freedom of movement. Also it increases the blood circulation and helps the body to work properly.
Cardio training
Getting a cardio training on daily basis can provide significant benefits for the seniors health. The first and foremost, it can help in keeping the weight down. Getting your heart rate up, whether you’re on a machine at the gym or going for a walk in the park, can help keep your weight down. In the same time, the Cardio sessions can be the primary shield from cardiovascular diseases. Cardio activities can include Brisk walking, garden activities or walking and hiking.
Balance training
It is well documented that many seniors suffer from falls. Falls are the main cause of injury among adults over 65. By working on exercises to maintain the level of balance, the leg muscles are becoming more solid and their withstanding ability is increased. Balance exercises are crucial for maintaining independence and preventing falls.

It is also recommended that seniors use light weights, even as low as 5 pounds, and do squats or leg presses three times per week.

Group Exercise

Group exercise promotes social support. It also helps in developing new friendships and relationships. Seniors can share tips on exercise and dealing with the daily challenges. When exercising in a group, elderly people feel like they are part of something. This can have a significant influence on their emotional, cognitive and social well-being.

The aging process can be complex and full of challenges. While some health obstacles are inevitable, there are certain ways that can be avoided. By being part of the above types of exercise, the elderly people can slow down the muscle losing process. Also, by being part of daily exercise, elderly people can improve their overall health and spirit.

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All you need to know about Medicare Supplement Plan N

Cigna medicare supplement is one of 10 institutionalized Medigap plans accessible in almost all the states of USA. Like other Medigap coverage, this plan assists with specific costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover, including cost-sharing costs that you may have for hospital’s services or specialist visits. Like other Medigap designs in many states, Plan N offers institutionalized advantages. This implies you’ll get the same for Plan N no matter where you live or which insurance agency you buy the plan from.

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan N:

  • Medicare Part A inpatient health center coinsurance and clinic costs up to 365 days after Original Medicare benefits are depleted
  • Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment
  • Initial three pints of blood for a medical procedure utilized as a part of a year
  • Facility of the skilled nursing care coinsurance
  • Foreign health care (up to 80%)

Medicare Supplement Plan N Cost:

Individuals enrolled in Plan N will, in any case, be in charge of cost sharing in specific circumstances. You may need to pay a copayment of up to $20 for specialist visits and up to $50 in the event that you go to the emergency room and aren’t admitted as a clinic inpatient. Also, Medicare Supplemental Plan N doesn’t cover the Part B deductible or any Part B excess charges, so you’ll be in charge of paying these costs yourself.

As specified, benefits for Plan N are institutionalized, so advantages will be the same for this plan everywhere. In light of the fact that Medicare Supplement plans are sold by private insurance agencies, costs for each plan may vary by area and the agencies.

In case you’re thinking about a Medigap plan then it’s imperative to focus on not only the cost of premium when you first join the plan but you also have to pay attention on how the insurance agency costs (or “rates”) its premiums.

Medigap insurance agencies may utilize one of three methods to set their premium costs: age-related issues, community-rated or attained-age-rated.


  • Age-related issues: Plans base the premiums depending upon your age when you initially enroll or “issue” your Medicare Supplement plan. Premiums don’t increment with age.
  • Community-rated: Plans charge the same premiums for all recipients, paying little respect to age.
  • Attained-age-rated: These plans base the premiums depending upon your present age, and premium costs increment as you get older. These policies can frequently wind up being the most costly over the long haul, since costs run up with your age.

So, Medicare supplement plan N premiums may differ contingent upon the method that the insurance agency uses to set its costs. Remember that all insurance agencies may raise premium expenses to adjust the inflation no matter what the pricing method is. Ensure you understand how the insurance agency rates its premiums so that you have a precise idea of the amount you’ll pay for your Medigap plan both now and in future

Insurance Tips on Getting Divorced

Married couples completely depend on the health insurance plan of one partner. But, as you get divorced or the divorce comes in the middle ages, you must make new plans as coverage.


Your Divorce settlement should include Insurance

In case you are on your spouse’s plan receiving health coverage and you get divorced means you can put that requirement in the settlement so that you continue to receive the coverage from your former spouse for your children and you.


Even in case the situation is just the opposite. You are filing a divorce and are the one having a health plan covering your spouse. Bear in mind, after getting divorced, you will have to pay additional premium for your children and ex-spouse.



Getting divorced is a hard time for the partners. Yet, when things are unavoidable and you get divorced, there are options for you to enjoy the health coverage for a temporary period of time through a law referred to as ‘COBRA’.


If your former spouse is working with a company having at least 20 employees and his insurance is through his employers, COBRA allow you also to stay on the same plan for a period of 36 months. This is effective unless you enroll or remarry into a new Medicare supplement plans.


The fact cannot be denied that insurance is expensive through COBRA. Actually, it allows you to stay on your spouse’s former plan, but you have to pay all the monthly premiums by yourself, without the employer’s contribution. So it is very important to know what the premiums are and figure out your budget once you are divorced.


Also, to avail the coverage from COBRA, you must inform the health plan administrator within 60 days of your legal separation or divorce proceedings.


Plan with employer


In case you are employed, it may be less expensive to sign up with the plan of your employer, than paying for the Medigap plans premiums of your ex-spouse by the plan. While most plans fail to permit employees to make changes or join to offer coverage outside the yearly period that is referred to by Medicare supplement plans as open enrollment, there may be exceptions made for life changes and this also includes divorce.


Ask the human resources department and get the details with regards to post-divorce coverage and also confirm the period the cover will be available, the term period it will last. If coverage can be arranged under that plan, ensure to understand the premiums cost that you need to pay.


Medicare When You are Married, Divorced, or Widowed

Good news is that Medicare Supplement Plans do not change even with your marriage. There is no difference whether you are married already or are planning to get married or if you are not any longer married.  Yet there are certain things you must know.


Medicare when Married

The Medicare Supplement Plans coverage for a husband and wife may be different certainly. Luckily, Medicare has no family plan, it is all individual plans. Yet, you must be eligible and this is depending on the work history of your spouse. The Medicare for a husband and wife’s coverage does not start at one time, so they need to enrol separately in Medicare, such that one of you may sign up first.


As it excludes family plans and there is no feature of couples getting special rates in Medicare, you will pay the same premium that you have been paying individually. Now, here are something about the costs you must know:


  • Medicare Part A, permits hospital coverage, but no cost to be paid monthly for people who have a spouse who is eligible for social security. However, the Medicare other parts have premiums.
  • Medicare Part B, the medical coverage for outpatient is available, besides the premium is on how much you both earn together. You will pay more for Medicare each month, depending on the more you make.
  • Part C includes Medicare Advantage, such that you and your partner will pay individual premium, copays and deductible. A Medicare Advantage plan issued by a private insurance company now offers you Medicare Part A and B services, while a separate premium is charged and you are eligible for prescription drugs as benefits. You can enroll only when you are eligible for Medicare. However, there is a 7-month period that begins three months prior to turning 65 and ends after 3 months of your birthday and the birthday month or during open enrollment annual period between Oct.15 to Dec 7.

Find out more about open enrollment

Medicare for Widowed or Divorced

If you disqualify for free Medicare Part A based on the work history, you always can qualify depending on the work history of your spouse, even if you are divorced or widowed. If divorced, your marriage must have been for at least 10 years. When you are 65, you become eligible for free Part- A Medicare based on your former spouse, as long as they have a 10 years working history and have paid Medicare taxes duly. You can apply online for Medicare or through local Social Security office before three months of your 65th birthday. However, the premiums must be paid by you for the Medicare coverage for other parts.