Medicare When You are Married, Divorced, or Widowed

Good news is that Medicare Supplement Plans do not change even with your marriage. There is no difference whether you are married already or are planning to get married or if you are not any longer married.  Yet there are certain things you must know.


Medicare when Married

The Medicare Supplement Plans coverage for a husband and wife may be different certainly. Luckily, Medicare has no family plan, it is all individual plans. Yet, you must be eligible and this is depending on the work history of your spouse. The Medicare for a husband and wife’s coverage does not start at one time, so they need to enrol separately in Medicare, such that one of you may sign up first.


As it excludes family plans and there is no feature of couples getting special rates in Medicare, you will pay the same premium that you have been paying individually. Now, here are something about the costs you must know:


  • Medicare Part A, permits hospital coverage, but no cost to be paid monthly for people who have a spouse who is eligible for social security. However, the Medicare other parts have premiums.
  • Medicare Part B, the medical coverage for outpatient is available, besides the premium is on how much you both earn together. You will pay more for Medicare each month, depending on the more you make.
  • Part C includes Medicare Advantage, such that you and your partner will pay individual premium, copays and deductible. A Medicare Advantage plan issued by a private insurance company now offers you Medicare Part A and B services, while a separate premium is charged and you are eligible for prescription drugs as benefits. You can enroll only when you are eligible for Medicare. However, there is a 7-month period that begins three months prior to turning 65 and ends after 3 months of your birthday and the birthday month or during open enrollment annual period between Oct.15 to Dec 7.

Find out more about open enrollment

Medicare for Widowed or Divorced

If you disqualify for free Medicare Part A based on the work history, you always can qualify depending on the work history of your spouse, even if you are divorced or widowed. If divorced, your marriage must have been for at least 10 years. When you are 65, you become eligible for free Part- A Medicare based on your former spouse, as long as they have a 10 years working history and have paid Medicare taxes duly. You can apply online for Medicare or through local Social Security office before three months of your 65th birthday. However, the premiums must be paid by you for the Medicare coverage for other parts.

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